Size & Dimension Video

 The Video Below Showcases the Air + Hydro + Independent Foot Massage Option

Gravity Driven 2″ Dual Drain Technology

Stainless Steel Inward Swing Door Walk-in Tubs

The best fast drain in industry no power required! Ella gravity driven dual drain technology with independently operated 2 openers, 2 overflows for fast and reliable drainage and exit out of the walk-in tub. This drain can be connected to 4 x two inch outlets vs. one 1 1/2" standard bathtub drain.

Gear & Shaft Driven 3-Latch Out-Swing Door

Our unique gear and shaft driven 3-latch door edges out our competition who typically use a single latch/lever system. A 3-latch door system provides a more secure and watertight door seal than the conventional single latch system, providing you with a leak-free bathing experience.


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