Where is the diverter located?

  • The diverter on the Kauai Shower System is located at the bottom of the vertical bar (above of where the handshower hose connects to the system).

Is this shower system tested before being packaged?

  • All our shower systems are tested for quality control. It is normal for the shower pipe to have some water on it.

Can I use this as an outdoor shower?

  • This shower can be used outdoors if a water connection and valve are available. However, outdoor use would void any kind of warranty with PULSE because it’s intended use is indoors.
Is this system multi-functional?
  • The Kauai III has a 5-function handshower, and a single-function showerhead. The functions for the handshower are: Jet/Wide/Wide and Jet/Massage/Wide and Massage.
Can I use this shower system if I live in CA?
    • This system is available in both 2.5GPM and 1.8GPM (CA, CO, NY City approved).
    My Kauai doesn't fit the space between the water connection and my valve. Can I order a short pipe?
    Can you remove the 3M Tape?
    • You can easily remove the 3M tape without any damage to your tiles.

    Can the water flow restrictor be easily removed?

    • The flow restrictor can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. Refer to manual for flow restrictor location.

    Can the Shower head and hand shower be used at the same time?

    • You can use the showerhead and handshower simultaneously by placing diverter in-between both functions. The handshower and showerhead can also be used separately.