Note: LED Chromatherapy light is included with any dual jetting or therapy package.
Examples: air & hydro, hydro & hydro, Hydro & Microbubble therapy

One of the best features on the Ultimate is the full body Air + Hydro massage with an independently operated foot massage system.


ella ultimate acrylic walk in spa bath with foot massage

Air + Hydro + Independent Hydro Foot Massage Massage System

Download Schematics: Air + Hydro + Independent Foot Massage 

Ella 4 Port Dual Drain Technology

The best fast drain in industry – no power required! Ella gravity driven 2″ dual drain technology with independently operated 2 openers, 2 overflows for fast and reliable drainage and exit out of the walk-in tub. This drain can be connected to 4 x 2-inch outlets vs. one 1 1/2″ standard bathtub drain. See details in product page downloads or visit Dual Drain Technology.


One of the best features we added to this line of walk-in tubs is our patented 360° swivel tray. Whether it be a beverage or a book, you no longer have to worry about where to put the items that aid in your relaxation. This unique swivel tray adds a touch of additional convenience to complete any bath. This is available for the Elite, Royal, Petite, and the Ultimate models.