What is Latoscana by Paini?

Latoscana by Paini is a renowned brand that specializes in creating high-quality and stylish bathroom vanities, faucets, and fixtures, known for their Italian design and craftsmanship.

What types of Vanities does Latoscana by Paini offer?

Latoscana by Paini offers a diverse range of vanities, including single and double sink vanities, wall-mounted and freestanding options, with various sizes and styles to suit different preferences and spaces.

Are Latoscana by Paini Vanities durable?

Yes, Latoscana by Paini vanities are crafted using premium materials and innovative techniques, ensuring their durability and longevity.

 Do Latoscana by Paini Vanities come pre-assembled?

Many Latoscana by Paini vanities come partially assembled for easier installation, but some models may require some assembly. Detailed installation instructions are provided.

Are faucets and sinks included with the vanities?

Faucets and sinks are not always included with the vanities. Latoscana by Paini offers a variety of faucets and sinks that can be purchased separately to complete your vanity setup.

 How do I maintain and clean my Latoscana by Paini vanity?

To maintain your vanity's beauty, use a mild soap and water solution to clean the surfaces. Avoid abrasive cleaners to prevent damage to the finish. Regular dusting and wiping help keep it looking its best.

What are latoscana by paini vanities made of?

Latoscana by Paini's base is made of MDF Wood.

The counterop is made of Tekorlux material.

Tekorlux Material: TekorLux is a material made of natural minerals and polyester resin, coated by a film of shiny technical enamel, which allows to obtain characteristics of physical and chemical resistance, as well as the possibility of application of any RAL colour.

MDF Wood: MDF stands for Medium-Density Fiberboard. It is a type of engineered wood product that is commonly used in various applications, including furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and decorative panels.

MDF is created by breaking down wood fibers, combining them with adhesive resin, and compressing them into dense panels under heat and pressure.