Ellas Bubble's Standard Shape: Walk-In Tub Seat Cushion (20 1/2″W x 13″L x 3 1/2″H)

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Discover Ella's Standard Walk-In Tub Seat Cushion - Elevate Your Bathing Comfort!

Are you looking for enhanced comfort and support during your bathing sessions? Ella's standard 3" seat riser is the perfect solution for a more enjoyable experience.

 Extra Comfort and Support: Our waterproof foam cushion adds a layer of comfort and support to the smooth acrylic seat, ensuring a soothing and relaxing bath time.

Universal Attachment: Securely attaching to any Ella tub that is 28", 30", or 32" wide, this seat riser fits seamlessly into your bathing setup.

Perfect Dimensions: With measurements of (20 1/2" W x 13" L x 3 1/2" H), this cushion offers the ideal dimensions for a comfortable bathing experience. When compressed, the seat cushion is 1 1/2" high.

Easy Maintenance: The interior material is washable and can be effortlessly removed, ensuring effortless maintenance for lasting freshness.

Elevate your bathing comfort with Ella's Standard 3" Seat Riser - A must-have addition to your bathing routine. 

Features & resources of the Ellas Bubble's Standard Shape: Walk_in Tub Seat Cushion – SeatRiser-3 (20 1/2″W x 13″L x 3 1/2″H)

  • 20 1/2″ W x 13″ L x 3 1/2″ H
  • Vinyl coated polyester
  • Moisture, mold, and mildew resistant
  • Polyester Stuffing
  • Clear Soft Plastic Suction Cups

Ella seat riser cleaning instructions:

  1. Release the suction on the cups. Never pull on the cushion while it is attached to the tub.
  2. Prepare the cleaning solution by mixing 1 tbsp. Of liquid dish detergent and 2 tbsp. Of household bleach in a gallon of water.
  3. Clean the fabric with a sponge or soft cloth dipped in the cleaning solution.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and air dry. 

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        General FAQ’s

        Where are Ella walk-in tubs manufactured? (USA, Asia, Chicago, Design, Construction)

        Our bathtub shells are manufactured in our partner factories in Asia, then assembled, jetted and tested in Chicago, IL USA. Every one of our safe, luxury bathtubs are made to order, giving you full customization on therapy options and features. 

        What electrical standard is required for Ella walk-in tubs?

        The Ella walk-in tubs can be manufactured with 110V electrical components in the USA or 220V components in our partner factories located in China. Each country will have different electrical standards.

        Do your bathtubs come with a warranty?

        Yes, Ella’s Bubbles offers a limited lifetime warranty which includes free parts during the lifetime of the original customer, living at the address of installation. This warranty is non-transferable to other customers or locations. Shipping and labor costs are not covered. Delivery time may be affected by customer location and the availability of part(s). 

        A walk-in bathtub has a door–how exactly does water stay in the tub?

        Since bathers enter the bathtub and close the door before filling or draining the bathtub with water, the door is responsible for keeping water in the bathtub. There is a rubber gasket installed into the door or the door frame which is squeezed at the time of closing and locking the door. The gasket seals the door and the door frame.

        What is the difference between air massage, hydro massage, and microbubbles?

        The air massage has an air pump which pushes the air through the air hoses and air jets, while the hydro massage has a water pump which pushes the water through the water pipes and hydro jets. Microbubble therapy is not a massage but a unique dermatological therapy. Rather, billions of microbubbles are injected through a single water jet by filling the tub with tiny microbubbles capable of penetrating and moisturizing and exfoliating your skin, as well as offering many benefits.

        What installation instructions come with the tub?

        Every walk-in bathtub installation manual, warranty or other pdf document can be found on the description tab.

        What is the weight capacity for the seat?

        If the customer can comfortably fit in the tub, the bathtub can hold the bather’s weight.

        What happens if a part on my Ella walk-in tub breaks?

        In case of any technical problems, please contact our customer support. Please be prepared to share a description of the issue and photographic evidence with your technician.

        Where should the water supply lines be installed before the walk-in tub is installed?

        Ella 2-Piece or 5-Piece fast fill faucets include two (2) five-foot long water supply lines, which must be connected to the shut off valves near the tub. Most non-Ella brand faucets may not include supply lines so please check the contents of your purchase.

        If the walk-in tub is installed into a three-wall opening, would maintenance be affected?

        By placing the walk-in bathtub snugly into a 3-wall opening, it would create limited access for maintenance since the both ends of the tub will be enclosed. However, the removable front apron has access panels for maintenance purposes. Most Ella walk-in tubs come with one reversible end panel included for left or right corner installation. If you need to cover both ends, please purchase an additional end panel.

        What electrical house wiring is needed for my walk-in tub?

        The house wiring for the tub will be determined by your professional electrician who will calculate total Amperage for each component. For example, if you only have one 5AMP hydro pump with a 7 AMP in-line water heater, it’s a total of 12 AMP. Since breakers are available in increments of 5 Amperage, it’s important to round up; therefore, for 12 AMP, a 15 AMP GFCI protected breaker is required. Walk-in bathtubs, the same as any other bathtubs with electrical parts, will require a dedicated GFCI protected electrical line. Consult with your local licensed electrician.

        Will the walk-in bathtub fit in my home?

        Ella walk-in bathtubs are delivered as one unit. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure you correctly measure the width of your doorways from the main entrance to the bathroom, and turning angles in which you would need to carry your walk-in bathtub into the bathroom.

        Who can install Ella walk-in bathtubs?

        Licensed and experienced contractors who are aware of local building construction requirements. Experienced electricians and plumbers will be able to install the bathtub by following our installation manuals, videos and directions.

        How do I seal between the tub and wall?

        You can seal between the tub and the wall using 100% silicone or silicone based caulking. Please see manuals for additional information.

        Can I have additional grab bars installed onto my tub?

        No, it will void the warranty. Any additional grab bars must be installed on the bathroom wall.

        Is the extension panel custom sized for each tub to fit into a three-wall, 60” alcove opening?

        Yes, most Ella tubs that are shorter than 60” include one (1) custom size extension panel to fill a three-wall, 60” alcove. Some tubs, like Front Entry or Mobile, do not have extension panels.

        Will the outswing door open when the door is unlocked and there is water inside the bathtub?

        Yes, the outswing door will open when the door is unlocked- no matter if the tub is empty or filled with water.

        Does the tub come with an in-line water heater?

        The Hydro Massage Pump is equipped with an in-line water heater. This in-line water heater is not designed to heat up the water, rather it only maintains the water’s temperature in the tub. As an alternative, the heated seat and backrest option can be purchased to keep the seat warm. It is suggested to upgrade to the largest available water heater to ensure enough hot water.

        Why are the faucets so far from the seat?

        Faucets are positioned farther from the seat and closest to a small front access panel to gain maintenance access if needed. However, you can request the faucet to be placed on the side wall since the faucet holes are drilled only after orders are placed.

        What makes the Ella walk-in tub doors so special?

        The most distinguishing features of Ella brand walk-in bathtubs are the sleek designs of the doors. Ella’s offers a variety of door styles: U-shape inward swing, U-shape outward swing, L-shape outswing, and S-Class inward swing. 

        Does the bath come with handrails?

        Ella brand walk-in bathtubs do not come with handrails, however, safety grab bars are included with most models.

        Are the walk-in bathtub seats comfortable?

        Ella walk-in bathtubs come with a molded acrylic seat. These seats are both sturdy and comfortable. The comfort level will vary due to the length or width of the seat, so please check the drawings to compare and assess.

        How many jets are in my walk-in bathtub?

        Please visit individual product pages to view images, descriptions and drawings for each particular model and jetting packages

        Does the bath come with a faucet or handshower?

        If you order an Ella 2-piece or 5-piece deck mount faucet, it will include a faucet and a pull out hand mixed.

        Can one of the sections of the 4-fold shower screen be removed?

        Yes, one (1) of the 4-fold sections can be removed to create a 3-fold shower screen.

        What’s the difference between a 2-Piece and 5-Piece fast-fill faucet?

        The main difference between the 2 and 5-Piece faucet is, the 2-piece faucet saves deck space (as there are two pieces); however, the 5-piece faucet has a slightly faster fill time.

        Is it possible to shower in a walk-in bathtub?

        Yes, if the shower head or shower column is properly installed to avoid water leaks through the pull out hand shower. The pull out hand shower is not designed to be hung on the wall because the water may leak through the retraction hole. Please see helpful information here:

        Are walk-in bathtubs hard to maintain?

        Please click here for cleaning instructions.

        How long has Ella’s been in business?

        Ella’s Bubbles has been in business since 2005

        Can you lie down in a walk-in tub?

        Walk-in bathtubs are designed for seated bathing, therefore laying in a walk-in bathtub is dangerous and prohibited. However, Ella’s Bubbles offers two Lay Down bathtub models: Lay Down 30” x 60” and Lay Down 32” x 72.”

        Are all walk-in bathtubs the same?

        No, Ella brand walk-in bathtubs have over 25 different model options. Our tubs range in door style, size, jetting options, and therapeutic options.

        What size water heater is required?

        It is suggested to upgrade to the largest available water heater to ensure enough hot water can be produced. Please consult with a professional contractor to determine if your water tank can provide enough hot water for a walk-in bathtub, or contact Ella’s Bubbles agent or customer support.

        Can the thermostatic control valve be adjusted, and if so, how?

        Yes, the Thermostatic Control Valve can be adjusted by pressing the button and turning the knob towards the red dot to increase the hot water flow.

        Do I need to flush the unit before and after use?

        Please click here for cleaning and maintenance instructions.

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